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Псори Зыщ - псори Хыщ.   Хым и бзэр - зыбзэщ.   Хым и бзэр - Хабзэщ

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Khabze. What is Khabze?
Many believe that Khabze – is etiquette. Often Adyghe Khabze is also translate so: The Circassian etiquette. But this is not completely true. Khabze - is not only and as much of an etiquette. So, what is Khabze?

Khabze is a whole philosophical and religious system which was brought to the perfection by the thousands of years of historical development of the Circassian people.

Khabze - is the result of philosophical perception of the world by Circassians, a system that determines the identity of the Circassian people.

Khabze - is a philosophical system of values ​​and human relationships to the other people, to the world, to the universe, to the Higher Mind.

Khabze as a detailed philosophical system and etiquette system, regulates and controls absolutely all aspects of human life.

Khabze is not a prohibitionist system. Khabze is not built on bans and restrictions. Khabze shows the way in which a person is developed in harmony with oneself, with others, with nature and the outside world.

What does the word Khabze mean?

It is translated from the Circassian language as Law, Order.

The word "Xы" is something vast, boundless, the Ocean, the Space, the Universe, the World.
The word "Бзэ" means - language.

Thus Khabze is The Worlds Language, Language of the Universe, Language of the Cosmos. It is objective, exists independently from the people who does not create it, but can only learn it.

What is The World Like According to Khabze?

The World According to Khabze is determined by the principle of The World unity and the principle of Variability and constancy of the World.

Principle of The World unity
The Circassian text about the world, its unity and Khabze:
Псори Зыщ.
Псори Хыщ.
Хым и бзэр - Зыбзэщ.
Хым и бзэр - Хабзэщ.
Psori Zysch.
Psori Hysch.
Hym and bzer - Zybzesch.
Hym and bzer - Khabzesch.

Translated into English:

All – is united.
All – is unlimited (Xы - The Universe, the Cosmos).
The language of the Universe is one language,
The language of the Universe is Khabze

The world is united. Man has created separate sciences of various laws and phenomena of the World - physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, etc. The Science separates natural phenomena and examines its laws apart from each other. Physics study the most general laws of the universe, chemistry study the interconversion of the substance, biology study living organisms. To study the natural phenomena the science has created a model that took into account only some specific properties, and other properties in the models were left aside, since it is impossible to study the phenomenon in all its facets. This is the only possible approach to the study of the infinite nature, and this approach is effective.

But the existence of the separate sciences does not suggest that the world can be viewed as layers of separate unrelated phenomena of the nature. There doesn’t exist separated physical, chemical and biological phenomena. The phenomena, studied by the various sciences, as well as the variety of fundamental interactions in nature - is just a different manifestations of the One World - the World, united in its essence.

This is the essence of the principle of the Unity of the World (Псори Зыщ, Псори Хыщ) (Psora Zysch, Psora Hysch).

Principles of Variability and Permanence of the World

The structure of the world, representing a combination of spiritual and material basis is changeable and movable. The world changes. All around us is changing, and it seems that nothing is permanent in the world. The whole world moves, it is always in motion, eternally changing.

But at the same time, there is something in the world that has always remain unshaken, despite all the changes. That is the basis of the World, including its Laws.
Therefore, a changeable world and its basis is compared to a rotating wheel: Дунейр шэрхъщи, мэкlэрахъуэ (Duneyr sherhschi, meklerahue): although the wheel is constantly rotating (changing), it has its center line (base) around which it revolves, and which remains unchanged.

Naturally, in a changing world Khabze is changing also. Therefore, it is always up to date, always relevant.

However, in Khabze, as in the World, there is a foundation, a fundamental basis, which with all the changes remain the same, unwavering. And in this the force of Khabze is.
Адыгэ Хабзэ