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Khabze. The emergence and development of the Universe
Circassian cosmogonic texts indicate that the Universe began with an initial intervention - its building Network (Хъы):
Дунеижьыр Хъыкlэ ЩАУХУЭМ… (Duneizhyr Khyke SCHAUHUEM ...)
When the world was built (created) as a Network ...
Instead of the word УХУЭН /UHUEN/ (build), the word УБЛЭН /UBLEN/ (start)  is sometimes used – "When The World Network began ...”
Further development of the World, according to Khabze, occurred in an evolutionary way - self-development, based on ongoing processes in it. There are no acts of creation of the objects of the world in cosmogonic texts, as evolution proceeds by laws of nature and is not a momentary action.
Circassian cosmogonic texts indicate that originally the world was in a kind of limbo - not liquid, and solid (мыджэмыпц1э): (mydzhemypts1e):
Дунеижьри щымыджэмыпцlэу… (Duneizhri schymydzhemyptseu ...)
The objects of the Universe and the Earth were formed by evolutionary change, by structurising, allocation of some chaotic mass.
Formation of the Earth is described as the gradual hardening - the verb used is "пц1эн" "hardening", "connect," "stick together" about something not solid:
Щlылъэ щхъуантlэр щызэпцlагъащlэу… (Schyle schhuanter schyzeptsagascheu ...)
It is clear from the text that the compound, the adhesion of the Earth happened itself - due to natural processes.
The parts of the world were formed gradually and naturally:
Бещто lуащхьэр къандзэгу щыхуэдэу… (Beschto uaschher kandzegu schyhuedeu ...)
Mount Beshto was the size of a bump ...
Индылыжьым лъэсыр щебакъуэу...     (Indylyzhym lesyr schebakueu ...)
Mighty Indyl (Volga) could’ve been crossed in a step ...

The absence of any mentioning of the acts of "creation" of the world objects and the presence of its self-development models, show that philosophy of Khabze comes from evolutionary pathways of the modern universe - through its self-development based on processes occurring in it.
Thus, according to Circassian cosmogonic texts The World began with the initial intervention – of its being built by Network (Хъы). After that the objects in the world were formed in a natural, evolutionary way, developing according to the internal laws.
Адыгэ Хабзэ