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Khabze. T - Symbol
T-symbol is a symbol of Circassian monoteism. It’s erected in the Tkhalhe’u places (litterally "Appeal to the Tkha”). Symbol itself is not the object of worship.
Meaning of T-symbol:
Upper horisontal line symbolizes supremest, divine level, which is omnipresent above everything with nothing under Him.
Single vertical line symbolizes Peace, which is single – Psori Zish.
Sources on T-symbol
European scolars have encountered T-symbols in Circassia called them "crusifixes”/”crosses”, but noted that Circassian crosses are of absolutely unusual shape, looking like T character.
However T-symbol is not a legacy of the Christianity in Circassia. T-symbol much more ancient than Christianity. During Christianity period crusifixes were erected in Circassia, but they were substantially differences from the ancient T-symbol. Human who saw cross whouldn’t depict it in the shape of T-symbol.
Jean-Baptiste Tavernier in his narration of the religious rites of Circassia in 17th century described T-symbol as following "Cross in the shape of hammer”: "once a year in every house hammer-shaped cross is made(Tavernier, Jean-Baptiste. Six travels in Turkey, Persia and India during 40 years).
George Longworth in the middle of 19th century described a symbol erected in the holy grove. (Longworth, George, A year among Circassians, 1840, London).
Leonti Lhuillier in the 40-s of 19th century wrote "The only symbol of objekt of worship they have is wooden cross of special appearance, T character shaped, leaned against tree". (Люлье Л. Я. Верования, религиозные обряды и предрассудки у черкесов).
Edmund Spenser in 1836 wrote: Once or twice I observed an emblem, in their sacred groves, in the valley of Ardler, more resembling a T than a cross, said to he extremely ancient (Edmund Spenser. Travels in Circassia, 1839, London)
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