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Khabze. Thashkhueguhalj
Thashkhueguhaj is the main Circassian rite holiday.
Word Thashkhueguhaj denotes "Unity with the God The Great Tha”. As it is known, the sense of unity with the God is always powerful sourse of the spiritual and pshysical energy of human-being.
Thashkhueguhaj is celebrate on the first Thursday after the autumnal equinox. This holiday is a calendar Thalhe’u. It’s related to the end of the harvesting.
T-symbol is erected in the place of Thalhe’up’e. Food is brought near it and thus sacrificial offerings are conducted. Rite dance named Thashkhue Wudj, which Circassian perform in honor of the Great The Only God Tha, concludes the Thalhe’u.
Holiday of the Thashkhueguhaj is mentioned by Longworth, a correspondent of London newspaper "Times”, who have visited Circassia in 1839, and wrote a book "A Year Among Circassians” (1840).
Longworth, erroneously refered this holiday to the one in honor of Sozresh, he have described the erected T-symbol and thanksgiving Khuekh (tost) uttered by the Elder for the abundant harvest; the time when it took place, was mentioned as the end of the September.
/In regard of the Sozerash, The Dighaghaza is a holiday celebrated on December 22, has not related to the harvest. During this holiday was erected Hamqutay bash (Hawthorn branch), not the T-symbol /.
There is a Russian translation of the Circassian text of 20th century, at our disposal:
"In our Kabarda a divine dance (Thashkhue Wudj) in honor of The Great Tha has been condacted on the long hill, on the edge, located of the by the mountain of Makhuegarsikhe, facing toward the sun.
Every year people from all the villages of Kabarda used to gradually confer by that hill… The oxen and ship droven there were slaughtered, while people saying "in honor of The Tha”. A lot of drinks were bought. People ate and drunk.
And those who admitted the Christianity, nevertheless continued to believe Tha, the creator of the life. And then when adopted an Islam, also never discontinued to abide to all the ancient rites”.
Shora Noghma writes that the autumnal holiday Thashkhueguhaj has beein celebrated with pompous festivities: Firstly Thakhkhueguhaj, which meant "to apply to the Gteat God” prayer was recited. In this prayer people aked the Almighty to endow them with health and delivered thanksgivings for the past summer, for creation of the breads and fruits of the soil and so on.; after the prayer people reveled and enjoyed. (History of Circassian people, combined according to the legends of Kabardians).
In some of the sourses it’s mentioned that the holiday of Thashkhueguhaj was celebrated in the first decade of the October. However there is no any discrepancies. The matter is that the month of Jepweghue, approximately corresponding to the October, starts on 21-22nd day of September, not the Octomber 1st. Therefore the first decade of the Jepweghue month, the time of Thashkhueguhaj Holiday, falls not on the first decade of the Octomber, but on the last decade of the September.
Адыгэ Хабзэ