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Псори Зыщ - псори Хыщ.   Хым и бзэр - зыбзэщ.   Хым и бзэр - Хабзэщ

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Khabze. Digegaze / The winter solstice

Digagaze (Sozerash) is one of the most ancient circassian holiday, which is celebrated on the twenty-second of December. This holiday is connected with winter solstice, it means the longest night.

This day the trunk of hawthorn is decorated with seven branches. On each branch a wax candle is fixed. The top of the trunk is decorated with round smoked cheese. /When the holiday is celebrated widely, around the trunk installed seven torches/.
The youngest of married women in the family lights the candles, turning her face to the East. If the home is not married women, the youngest girl candle lights. If a holiday encounter only men, the younger candle lights.

The ruler of the holiday – Thamada – recites the Hymn – Digagaze Khokhu:

Ди Тхьэ, Тхьэшхуэ!
Ди Тхьэ закъуэ!
Уафэри щlылъэри зезыгъакlуэ
Тыгъэшхуэ къызыбгъэдэкl
Щымыlэр хэзыгъахъуэу
Телъыджэр зи lэужь
Псори зыщыгугъыу
Зыми щымыгугъыж
Къэхъури зэлъэlуу
Зыми емылъэlуж
Ди Тхьэ!
Зы Тхьэ!
Щыlэ псори зытетыр Хабзэщ
Хабзэм тету дыгъэм зыкъегъазэ
Дыгъэм зыкъегъазэм
Махуэ къыдок1уэри
Махуэу къыдэкlуэм
Фlыгъуэр щlыгъуну
Дэрэжэгъуэ хуэтщlыну
Хуэтщlар бэгъуэну
Бэгъуам зыдэдужьыну
Тхьэшхуэу дыкъэзыгъэщlам жиlэ!

After that hawthorn entered into the house where the family begins a feast. Ceremonial drink in this night is Sanehu (White wine). That night, have to be sober, with family or friends. After that dances begin in which Ajegafa takes part.

This holiday is celebrated not only in the family and friends. It is widely celebrated in the streets, squares, cities.
The holiday is accompanied by dancing, which is involved Azhygafe.
Адыгэ Хабзэ